The Jersey Collection; Mont Orgueil Castle

View of Mont Orgueil Castle from the turrets, Gorey, St Martin, Jersey.

Mont Orgueil Castle is a castle in Gorey, in the parish of St Martin in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. It was built in 1204 and was in use from then until 1945 – over a whopping 700 years. History buffs will love this castle and it is a great place to explore on a rainy day in Jersey.

Mont Orgueil Castle is Le Vier Châte (meaning ‘Old Castle’) in Jerriais – which is Jersey’s own unique language – but is often referred to as Gorey Castle by locals due to it’s location in Gorey, a charming village built around a pier and a sandy harbour. You will find plenty of little shops and cafés around here that can entertain you on the steep walk up the hill from the village to the castle green.

View of Mont Orgueil Castle from the castle green, Gorey, St Martin, Jersey.

For a long time, the castle stood as Jersey’s main defence on the North-East coast until it was replaced by Elizabeth Castle at its construction. It acted as a prison for a while but was later restored and opened to the public. There is much more to the castle than what meets the eye, with dozens of rooms, halls and secret passages to discover, from the dungeons right up to the turrets with its amazing view over the coast.

View from Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey, St Martin, Jersey.

The castle is open daily (10am-6pm) between March and November but check the Jersey Heritage website for opening times outside of high season. Admission is around £13 for adults but discounts are available for under 16s, over 65s and students. P & D parking is available at Gorey Harbour or there is free parking at Grouville Bay (also known as Long Beach), where the castle is visable but is a good walk away. Routes 1, 1a, 2 and 13 all stop at Gorey Pier if you are travelling by public transport. Unfortunately, the castle does not offer disabled access and I would not advise it for those who struggle with stairs as the castle has plenty of those.

View of Grouville Bay from Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey, St Martin, Jersey.

Overall, the castle makes for an interesting trip and brings to life some of Jersey’s intricate history. I thoroughly enjoyed making my way around it and found it to be a refreshingly different thing to do in Jersey!

View of the sea out of an old window, Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey, St Martin, Jersey.

3 thoughts on “The Jersey Collection; Mont Orgueil Castle

  1. Looks lovely and really great info about the castle and how to get there. I live in Jersey and haven’t been there for decades but will go this year as iv friends coming over, thanks.


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